I pitched a project on drawing in sand, where me and my team set out to design a system that explores the tangibility of sand as an interface. The drawing was not a necessity, rather we focused on learning about how manipulation of sand in real time can be digitized.


To attain knowledge, we used drawing Chinese characters in sand as a case and vehicle for moving the project forward. Systematically we had multiple prototypes for testing concepts and potential solutions, as well as, learning about our materials.


I practiced coordinating and planning a design project as well as taking part in all activities from coding to documenting to brainstorming.

Skills Practiced

Pitching, Coding, Drawing, Ideating, Building,
Documenting, and Planning


Sandgible became a drawing interface purposed as a pedagogical tool for learning Chinese characters. We found an inexpensive way to prototype a similar result to more advanced techniques like pressure sensors or depth sensors. With the use of a camera positioned beneath, a projector mounted above, and a translucent material we were able to give live feedback to the user’s manipulation of the sand. The translucent material we used, also mentioned as sand was grinded glass noodles. It had tremendous value for us technologically since we were able to position the camera at a position where a hand or finger would not be in the way.