My contribution within the Digihub of Malmö University is threefold starting with the Digimentors. The Digimentor service of IT at Malmö University is a brand new service for students. The general brief handed to me was to provide practical support in the digital space for students - as part of the digitalization directive. The second function of the Digihub was Teknikutlåningen - a service for staff and students to borrow technical equipment related to work and studies. My position was to continue to build it into a better service as well as to include student workers and construct the space to suit both Backoffice workers and students working in the lobby. The third was to help the coordinator of the student workers and update information outwards and routines inward - particularly the workers in the Digihub.


Starting with the Digimentors. The service was loosely defined and my work started with designing a direction fitting the group of student workers including myself in the team. For the first semester our goal included the following: Create a brand within the university (in coordination with the Communication department), create channels that we could be contacted through, curate material surrounding programs and apps that students might find useful, and become bookable for students to receive practical support with their school assignments. Teknikutlåningen - the borrowing of equipment - was a larger task to steer into a better service for the users. The project was already in place but lacking in many aspects. My work alongside the coordinator was to start building a catalogue of routines and evaluate the existing processes. Evaluating the Agreements between the faculties of the University and finalize a draft. Continue the day-to-day work needed in the service, and start to introduce the student workers to the routines. The last with is named IT-support for students is the last service where I started working with a few years ago, and within the context of the Digihub started to team-lead that workforce. Alongside the three services my position was also to create a unified brand within the university for the Digihub which has the goal to become 'the hub' for students of the university - and a creative space for the students.


I have worked with managing different teams as well as tracking tasks and redesigning services. Teaching has been part of the Digimentor experience where I have taught students many different programs both individually and as part of courses. I have held workshops. planned streaming, making online content and streaming content for our brands. Planning and communicating progress to bosses and coordinators, as well as communicating needs and helping co-workers within the IT department.

Skills Practiced

Team leading, Design, Teaching, Workshopping,
Streaming, Planning, Evaluation of routines and
processes, graphic design.


Today the Digihub as a whole is a collection of three services that have been brought in and they have started cooperating. The focuses each function to support one another for both students and staff. More work is always going to be needed in all services to improve working conditions and the services to users.

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