I saw a need for Malmö University's IT department to store data on computers and along it, a platform for managing and getting updated data in a coherent manner.


By working in IT and setting up computers for the university I found the need and found first-hand knowledge of the problem. Through research I found that getting real time information on both data and status of computers were in need. Further on this system should be stable enough to be further scaled as new solutions for the platform surfaces in the future.


So far, I’ve practiced managing myself and the project by keeping track of what needs to be done. Talking and meeting with stakeholders. On a more technical level I’m doing all parts myself and learning to code and design a large project.

Skills Practiced

Fullstack Coding in Nodejs and React,
Project Managing, Designing, UX, UI.


As the project is ongoing, it features university buildings with locales and further computers that are movable along a grid in a GUI. There the user can see the status of each computer individually and in the future will be able to fully interact with properties and the layout of the locale.