The libraries around Malmö have seen over time been shifting from collecting and facilitating literature toward new emerging objectives. Today an objective for the libraries is to help their visitors attain skills needed for their future. Design a service for the Libraries around Malmö to combat the need for literacy in skills for the future.


To find out how we could help the visitors of the libraries we had meetings with staff from the libraries, as well as, similar projects and organisations. We held workshops and invited staff as well as visitors to libraries, and iterated on data gathered by making personas and online "war rooms".


A large part of the design work was to gather and analyse data that we could distil it into concrete problem spaces and solution spaces. Co-designing with stakeholders of all forms and reaching out to similar organisations.

Skills Practiced

Co-design/participatory design, Design research,
Personas, Storyboarding, Involving stakeholders


Önskan - an open digital bulletin board where visitors of the university can ask for help with skills and general day-to-today tasks. There are three components that aim to holistically be available to all. A digital board, which displays and allows visitors to interact with posts. An app which allows more advanced visitors to be available without the need for co-location. Lastly, a box where visitors can write down their needs and "cast" their need.