Design & Management

My interest in design started in fifth grade when my brother showed me a site for learning the basics of web design. I started teaching myself programming and design tools such as photoshop and illustrator that I use today in my bachelor of Interaction Design.
I developed my interest in design further through taking an introductory course in Interaction Design and later a course in Design for Sustainable Development. Group dynamics from design and teaching in Prague grew on me which led me to study project management.

Skills & Interests

UX Design, Graphic Design
JavaScript, NodeJS, C/C++, C#
Prototyping, Arduino
Language & Culture


Swedish - Native
English - Native
Japanese - Fluent
Chinese - Elementary

Language, Teaching & History

Aside from my interest in design, I also have a passion for language and history which has taken me from Lund University to Prague and Tokyo. As part of my Japanese studies, I went to Waseda University for a year which is one of the top universities in Japan.
On the side of my Language studies within Japanese and Chinese, I studied history and got the CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate from Cambridge. The teaching experience has taught me a lot of skills which I have developed further in group projects and in studying project management.


You can download my resumé by pressing the Swedish or English button below.